Friday, December 21, 2018

More reasons to dislike sleazy Page Publishing

I previously criticized Page Publishing. I now have two more reasons to dislike the company.

This morning I received a pop-up ad that said "Find a Publisher Now."

When I clicked on the arrow I was not taken to a website that helped me to choose possible publishers. I reached the website for one company—Page Publishing.

This reminded me of the deceptive practices of another pay-to-publish company, Author Solutions. The company posted ads that appeared to be from a service that helped writers select publishers.

However, any wannabe author who followed the ad in the hope of receiving helpful advice, was presented with limited choices: just the sleazy brands operated by Author Solutions, such as Xlibris

And now, back to Page Publishing. The company brags about its "professional" press releases. The online sample release is anything but professional. It's actually a promotion for Page—that would be paid for by an ignorant, gullible author.

A proper press release from a publisher should plug the book and its author—not the damned company!

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