Wednesday, September 12, 2018

MB is another horrid 'publisher' to avoid

Over the years I've used this blog to skewer incompetent authors and the companies that try to take their money. Today it's time to poke MB Publishers, a South African company that is trying to operate internationally. The company name apparently comes from the initials of author Marilette Barbara van Heerden, whom I assume founded the company after publishing a self-help book with Balboa Press.
The "about" page on the MB website is ghastly. I would not trust MB to publish blank paper.
  • Spelling and grammar are abysmal.
  • A publisher should be able to spell "publishers."
  • A bibliography is not a novel.
  • The entire site is filled with unnecessary uppercasing, and has inconsistent unnecessary uppercasing.
I wonder if the company has any editors who know how to use English. I published a newspaper when I was in sixth grade and it was much better than the crap turned out by the incompetents at MB. If a publisher's own website is this bad, we have to assume that its books will be equally bad--or even worse. Like its competitors, MB offers a variety of publishing packages with different prices and services. Packages are named after animals, ranging from the $70 "caterpillar" to the $25,200 "blue whale." They include 'free' books that are not really free, of course; and even if you spend $25,200 you'll have to pay extra to have those books shipped to you. The more expensive packages include a "National Radio Station interview" or "National Television Interview." MB doesn't specify the country where the interviews will be broadcast and probably can't guarantee that the interviews will be broadcast.
A publisher's website is both an advertisement and audition. It should be a sample of the best work the company can do. MB has failed its audition. Not surprisingly, the product description of an MB book I saw on Amazon was similarly sloppy, as was the interior of the book.


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