Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An absurdly overpriced & overhyped book has a ghastly cover

As one who frequently reviews books and writes about the book business, I get lots of press releases trying to get my support.

This morning I received a release with such a hyped-up headline, it was nearly panicky. Of course, there was no "shocking revelation" and no "dirty little secret."

I invested a few precious minutes and discovered more bullshit, stupidity and reasons to doubt the value of the book:

(1) The book is allegedly "
critically-acclaimed." I searched and found no acclamation from any critics.
(2) The small (170 pages) book is GROSSLY overpriced at $39. Many similar books are available for much less money. I've written several.
(3) Strangely, this book about publishing Kindle books on Amazon is not available on Amazon.
(4) The book will teach you to "
Publish and sell a Kindle e-book without writing a single word by repackaging “public domain” content" -- a major source of literary pollution.
(5) Author Kim Stacey has no books available on Amazon. I wonder if Kim is a real person.
(6) The promotional material says, "
In the good old days, becoming a published book author was exceedingly difficult." That's a lie.
(7) The cover is abysmal. The upper-right corner has a box that is illegible in the size shown in the press release and in other online promotion. The typography of "e-Books" is strange, and not used in the promotional material. It's extremely unprofessional to state "written by" before the author's name. It's extremely unusual to have editor names on a book cover. The cover is nearly monochrome, and easily ignored.
(8) Ironically the ugly book provides "
5 proven tips for designing an attractive Kindle e-book cover." I would be very reluctant to use those tips.


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