Monday, June 20, 2016

Some old books deserve to die. Some deserve to be updated.

Most authors focus on their current books, or on their next book.

It can be equally productive to take a look back

You may find that a book you published several years ago can be updated, reinvigorated and become a moneymaker once again.

As your publishing empire grows, you'll find that you have more old books that are potential big assets. Look them over and pick some winners. Maybe an ebook should also be a pbook, or vice versa. Maybe a title or subtitle could be better. Maybe the cover or interior formatting needs work. Maybe you now know more than you did previously. Maybe errors need to be corrected.

If your book is nonfiction, you may have to verify and possibly change scores of pieces of information. For fiction, maybe a visual enhancement is all that's needed.

Since each of your books should contain a list of your other books, if you publish frequently, your old book lists need to be updated. Ditto for lists of blogs and websites. Hyperlinks inside ebooks should be checked and changed if necessary.

Maybe you have some new blurbs to include. Maybe your bio is out of date.

If you are a long-time reader of this blog you probably know that horrid publishing-services provider Outskirts Press is a frequent target for my scorn.

Back in 2010 I published Stupid, Sloppy, Sleazy: The Strange Story of Vanity Publisher Outskirts Press. How Do They Stay in Business?

I wanted to warn the company's potential customers to stay away because it produces shitty books and provides shitty services. It also overcharges.

Last week I received an email from someone who wanted to buy a copy but found it was available only used, for more than $1,000! (The new price is $10.95.)

I checked and found that the book had inexplicably gone out-of-print. I quickly tapped a few buttons and made it alive again.

I looked through the manuscript file and realized
that a lot had changed since 2010. 

Despite all odds, the horrid company is still in business—and still disappointing customers. Since Outskirts still exists, I thought it’s appropriate to update the book.

It's getting a new cover as well as new text. I'll even lower the price by a buck.

So, how does Outskirts Press stay in business? It attracts ignorant writers who know even less about publishing than the employees and management of Outskirts Press know.

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