Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Even though I'm a professional writer, I am not obligated to use "nice" words about Donald Trump

I got good marks in English in high school.

I majored in journalism in college.

I've been an award-winning advertising copywriter and a magazine editor, and have written more articles, blog posts, Facebook posts, website pages and Tweets then I could count. I've also written dozens of books, including some bestsellers, and have edited books for others.

I have not yet won a Nobel Prize nor a Pulitzer, but I know how to write and I usually do it pretty well.

In this highly political year, some trolls on Facebook and Twitter are using the tactic of literary criticism in addition to customary practices of calling me "Pal," "Friend" or "Mikey," telling me to "have a nice day," and spouting absurdities with nothing to back up their statements.

You may have noticed that I frequently have unkind words to say about politicians.

Some trolls who support those politicians complain that I use less-than-Shakespearean prose. Well, sometimes it's more appropriate to emulate John Oliver.

Although my comments may seem casual, I choose my words very carefully and do a lot of editing. (This posting changed more than a dozen times.)

If I say that Donald Trump is a "lying putz" or that Louie Ghomert is an "asshole" or that Ted Cruz is an "evil piece of shit" or that Sarah Palin is "nuts," I have not suffered a lapse in vocabulary.

When I say "nuts," "putz," "shit" or "asshole," it's because those words are the right words. Dignity is often overrated and respect often undeserved. I'm sure that Shakespeare, a master of insults, would agree.

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