Friday, March 11, 2016

Go beyond blogging, tweeting and Facebooking. An author's platform can include an online NEWSPAPER

(just an example, not a real paper)

While I've been an author since 1976, my days as a journalist go back much further.

I published a newspaper when I was in junior high school in 1960, at the ripe old age of 14. I majored in journalism at Lehigh, where I wrote regularly for the Brown & White student newspaper. After college I wrote for lots of magazines and newspapers.

More recently I've concentrated on electronic journalism (i.e. my blogs), and books.

Even more recently (i.e., last week) I became a newspaper publisher once again.

Ironically my newspapers involve no paper. Unless someone chooses to print them, they exist solely online. That's very green, very quick and very inexpensive (or even free). provides a superb system for publishing an e-paper. You pick a subject (cheeseburgers, travel to Cuba, Mitt Romney, anything), pick a name, do a little bit of customizing and then POOF! -- you're a publisher. Robots instantly fill your paper with links to appropriate online news. You can add or delete news items and move items up or down on your pages.

The free version of the paper includes ads. I use the "pro" version which costs a mere $99 per year and allows me to include four ads for MY OWN BOOKS.

So, what should you publish news about? If you're a nonfiction author, you certainly could cover news related to your book(s). If you're a novelist or poet, you can simply pick any topic that you think will attract the eyes of people who might buy your books.

Because of the current heightened interest in politics, my first two papers are The Donald Trump Daily News and The Hillary Clinton Daily News.

Every morning I add some news and do a bit of tweeking. I then promote my papers on my own Facebook page, in appropriate Facebook groups and on Twitter. I have definitely seen book sales increase since my papers debuted.

Try it

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