Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Errors can hide anywhere, even on your book's cover

No matter how many times you read, re-read and re-re-read, you're bound to find mistakes in anything you've written. It's best to find them before the book is published.

Back in 2009, just minutes before I had planned to send a book to the printer, I decided to check my table of contents. I had a feeling that as I changed the length of some chapters, a page number might have changed.

I actually found three wrong page numbers, and two chapters were missing from the table.

Apparently, I didn't learn the lesson well enough. Another time I was trying to find a chapter in one of my books that has many chapters. I couldn't find it by flipping through the pages, and I couldn't find it by studiously scanning the table of contents.

When I looked even more carefully, I realized that the last entry at the bottom of one page of the TOC was Chapter 51, but the first entry on the top of the next page was Chapter 53.

There was no listing for Chapter 52.

I feel like a blind idiot.

This past Sunday I uploaded the first version of my new Typography for Independent Publishers for sale on Amazon. This morning I realized that it had the wrong version of the cover, with a missing word and an ugly empty space -- a dreadful error for a book about typography.

(IMPORTANT WARNING: Any time you fix an error in a book, you may create more errors.)


  1. is one of those up there supposed to be the wrong one - like the one that says "wrong" on it; I feel like I'm looking at those "find the differences" pictures and I'm not finding it - hm....

    1. In the wrong cartoon the word "the" is missing before "difference" and there's an ugly gap at the end of the line.