Thursday, July 16, 2015

My $2k GE fridge pees on the floor.
My dog was a freebie and is smart enough to pee outside.

In the mid-1960s, I bought an old GE refrigerator for my college apartment. I paid $35 for it, and sold it three years later for $50. It's probably still working.

It had to be defrosted manually, did not dispense water or ice through the door, never needed a repair, and always did its job.

More recently, my wife and I spent about two grand on a beautiful stainless steel top-of-the-line GE "Profile Arctica" fridge.
  • On Saturday, it will have repair visit number 43! I will pay $75 to American Home Shield to send a repair guy who actually works for Sears.
  • The "frost-free" freezer section sometimes needs to be manually defrosted.
  • The fridge sometimes dispenses water and ice through the door and often dispenses water onto the floor -- causing people to slip, slide and fall.
  • NASA has delivered photos of ice on Pluto from three billion miles away. Sometimes my fridge can't deliver real ice from one foot away!
  • The fridge sometimes dispenses water onto the wood cabinetry -- causing it to rot. The fridge is destroying my kitchen!
  • Water has leaked through our kitchen floor and ruined ceiling tiles in the basement.
  • The fridge needs three or four service visits each year.
  • The water dispensing feature had to be fixed a few months ago, and stopped working about ten days ago.
  • The switch that controls interior lighting and displays has to be replaced.
  • When I open the freezer, ice cubes often fall on the floor.
The fridge is a beautiful and expensive PIECE OF SHIT. (Like our Dacor pro-style gas range.)

I recently bought a water filter for the fridge. With tax, it cost me $42.27. That's more than I spent to have my fail-proof GE college fridge for three years.

Progress? HAH!

GE: "Imagination at work." YEAH, SURE. A refrigerator that pisses on the floor is very imaginative. My dog is smarter than my fridge -- he goes outside the house to piss.

GE: "We bring good things to life." BULLSHIT. Not to my life.

GE: "For more than a century, GE has been committed to producing innovative products that change the way people live." I'M LIVING WORSE.

GE: "The result of thorough research and rigorous testing, GE appliances are designed for years of dependable performance." BULLSHIT.

GE: "advanced appliances to improve people's lives." BULLSHIT. 

GE: "Leading the Way to a Better Future."  FUCK YOU.

The fridge has miserably failed its "implied warranty of merchantability and fitness." I want a free replacement plus repair of our damaged kitchen and basement.

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  3. I have a brown GE fridge from 1967 at my camp in the mountains it was the camps first fridge in 1969... It has been running for 50+ years straight and it got its first check up since it was new it just needed cleaned and oiled. good job to the ((REAL GE))