Friday, March 6, 2015

Mom, the reader, is gone

My mother, Rita (Jacobs) Marcus died last night. Mom accomplished much more than most people in her 92 years; and her drive, devotion and love are powerful, inspiring memories.

Mom had severe Alzheimer's and had been fading away to almost nothingness over two years. The end was not a surprise, but is still a shock.

The phrase "avid reader" could have been invented for my mother. Despite needing time to go to graduate school, teach, be active in community affairs and be mother and wife, Mom seemed to devour a book each day.

I remember making many trips to the public library with her, and she also paid to rent new bestsellers from the small library section of a nearby pharmacy.

Even in her late 80s, until Alzheimer's made it impossible, Mom was active in a book discussion group in her assisted living facility.

Mom (and Dad, too) made a book-filled house and a book-filled life, seem normal and proper. I have kept the tradition.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear it. She sounds like a wonderful woman and a loving mother.