Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An error-filled website does not inspire confidence in the book it promotes

This could be a great book.
This could be an important book.
Will it be hurt by a bad website?

The objective of book promotion is to convince people to buy (or maybe to review) a book. The promotional work should be done well, and should demonstrate the author's ability to write (and to get appropriate professional help when needed).

Sadly, a lot of book promotion by authors (and by publishers like Outskirts Press) does not inspire confidence in the author or the book.

I learned about the book shown above when author Kevin Dorival promoted it on a LinkedIn group for authors and editors. 

Kevin obviously did some research about book promotion. He produced a video trailer, Facebook page and a website

Although Kevin has worked in Internet marketing, his own website is dreadful. No website (or book) is perfect, but his is one of the worst author's sites I've seen.

There are many non-functioning links and one link that's supposed to go to Amazon.com goes to an expired eBay auction. The site has abundant bad English, bad writing, bad typing, unfinished pages, lame Tweets, bad videos, bad information and uninteresting and useless information. It apparently was not edited or even spell-checked.
  • Do potential book buyers need to know the names of the nephews the author babysat for, or which iced tea is his favorite, or that he puts mayo on fries? [BARF!]
  • Do potential book reviewers really need to have a selection of six author photos?
  • Why does the author's August event calendar show a barbecue contest and "gold tournament" that is probably a misspelled "golf" tournament?

[above] A website should not show template artifacts.
[below] A website should be checked, and re-checked, and re-re-checked -- by someone other than the site's creator.

[above] I sure hope the professor doesn't teach English. He used "interesting" in three consecutive sentences. Does he have a first name?

  • None of the listed items are functioning links.
  • Media Inquiries come from the media -- they are not sent to the media.
  • "Delray Tribunal" should be "Delray Beach Tribune." If you want to impress the media, get the names right!
  • "Big skinny girl's voice world" does not show up in a Google search, except for a link to the author's website.
  • "Miami Times" should not be hyphenated. If you want to impress the media, get the names right!
  • 08' should be '08
  • An event inquiry has nothing to do with a book review at a library
  • Review copy requests should not go to any of the non-links listed.
  • OH! Now I get it. Kevin seems to be bragging that he received inquiries and requests from the places and people on the list. That's nice for him -- but it's very amateurish to list them. If a review or interview is published, then a link is appropriate.

[above] There is nothing on the website that explains how to get a free copy. The name of the publisher is probably not "Self-Publishing."
"Dorival is a mentor and a role model to young adults in need of guidance at the Knights of Pathagoras." [Actually, it's Pythagoras. Even a spellchecker would've caught this error.] 

"A book of movie like drama based on my trials, tribulations and how I ultimately overcame the adversities. This is inspirational true story of my life gives you insight on how I found “The Courage To Believe.” As a mentor I hope to lift the spirits of millions of teens and young adults- globally. January12, 2013 marks the three year anniversary of the earthquake that shattered Haiti’s foundations. As we approach the date, I pledge to donate a percentage of the profits made from every book you purchased to the, “Caribbean Fellowship Ministries.” This orphanage feeds and teaches hundreds of children each day. This is more than a book – it’s a mission that is dear to my heart." [bad writing and sloppy editing]

On Facebook, Kevin wrote, "My book and movie is [are] going to catch [set] the world on fire!" 

Kevin's book covers have some silly errors, too. On the front it says "written by." That never goes on a cover. The cliche-filled back hyphenates "auto-biographical" and uses an ampersand instead of "and." The word "to" in the title is in lowercase on the front cover, but is uppercased on the spine and back cover. Cover sloppiness is a sign of potential big problems between the covers.

The front and spine show a strange logo with a sword -- but there is no indication of what the logo represents.

Kevin means well, and may have an important message to tell. I hope that his book was edited by a professional editor. 

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