Friday, January 2, 2015

Some people should not be allowed to tap a keyboard

I saw a question about becoming a published author posted on a forum.

It was so poorly written that I sent a private email to the writer.

I said, "I hope that you will be more careful when querying agents and writing books than you were in writing your message here. You repeatedly put an apostrophe in a plural where it did not belong, you left out several apostrophes and a question mark, and had unnecessary commas and misspelled words."

The response: "Thanks for the grammar check-up. Un-fortunately, I spell out words as I THINK they should be. I am not proud of this but the fact is that I failed English class everytime I went to class. I never understood proper placement, of punctuation, or the other "encyclopedia" of English rules. Do you think that agents will, really, scrutinize a work, so closely?"

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