Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The most useless email of 2014 (so far)

The email subject is "what’s missing?" and Kevin Wilke repeatedly refers to "this industry." Nowhere in the email does Kevin tell me what industry he is referring to. I'm involved in several industries. Does Kevin know anything about me?

Kevin also refers to his neighbor, Peter. Who the hell is Peter? Should I care about Peter?

What a stupid waste of effort and electrons!

If you're sending a sales letter, don't leave out vital information.

Hi Michael, 
That’s been a question I’ve asked the past 5 years
of being involved in this industry.
With such an over-abundance of information and
training on what to do… then what is missing for
the people that are not making at least 
$100,000 or more in this industry with ease?
I bet if we open up your hard drive or email,
there is enough information there to last you
5 lifetimes!  lol
What if you don’t need more information to
create a dramatic and profound leap forward
in the results you start getting right now
in your business?
Having spent the past year working with Peter,
(he lives a couple blocks from me in New York)
he has radically opened my eyes to 
Its no wonder that the clients that work with
him (he charges a small fortune to work with him too)
get INSANE results compared to everybody else
in their industries.
And as a personal favor he is going to share
final training webinar of the year.
This is THE webinar to attend if you want to make
radical leaps forward in your business going into 2015.
I’m calling it the “NO More Shiny Objects!” training!
Seriously, you can be free from an overwhelming list of 
complicated tactics and shiny objects distracting you.
And instead be taking more action, that’s HIGHLY
productive, consistently every week then you ever
dreamed possible.
       This Thursday You Will Discover…
***  The #1 Reason You Are Not Accomplishing More 
In Your Business (and how evolution has programmed 
you to constantly fail)
***  How to start using the 5 Pillars To High Achievement 
And Unstoppable Action in your business today.
***  The Secret to Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates and 
Elon Musk’s extraordinary success that you can 
duplicate for yourself.
***  How To Use Jerry Seinfeld’s Simple #1 Method 
To Mastering Comedy To Become a Master Local Marketer
***  How to use what you already have and powerfully 
take action and set yourself up to Crush It in 2015. 
***  You will leave and start making dramatically more 
progress and start accomplishing more in 1 week 
than you used to in 1 month (while using the same 
amount of time you do right now.)
Register today and Show Up Early because this 
will be a packed-house training because its solving
the missing piece in this business for you.
To Your Success,
Kevin Wilke

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