Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some awful publishing advice from an ignorant 'expert'

(from ) The author wants us to know that when he was 18 he "was able to bench 460 pounds, squat 605 pounds for 4 reps, and leg press over 1400 pounds." That does not qualify him to give advice about publishing books.

Print On Demand Publishers by Jason Drohn

This is a very sensitive subject to me because I have published with a print on demand publisher. There are some serious pitfalls to publishing with a P [sic] rint on demand publisher (P.O.D.) and I think everyone needs to know about them before publishing. (A print on demand publisher is a printer who list [sic] your book in their [sic] network of book sellers and print [sic] your book only if someone orders it.) At first when it came to the idea of self- publishing with a P.O.D., like you, I was really excited about getting my book in print. Now as time has prevailed [How does time prevail?] and my book proves to be a great read, however I don't keep many copies on hand. Why? Simply because of cost. This has deterred me from from sales options I desperately needed.

HUH? If you use a POD-er like Lightning Source or CreateSpace, your books will be available through booksellers worldwide. If you need copies to sell from the trunk of your car or from a table at a flea market or after giving a speech, you can certainly buy them at a reasonable cost. What "sales options" are you missing?

Print on Demand or POD is a very popular way of printing books such as ebooks

HUH? Ebooks are not printed.

You don't have to sit by the phone and fill orders which are a great relief.

HUH? If you think that's good English, you should write in a different language. You also wrote, "How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy that is Effective" and "So, I don’t use this site to market with or any of that." Those are terrible sentences. Maybe you need some tutoring before you write another book.

You also don't have to go and collect the money that you have made from book chains. You get it immediately.

HUH? Actually, with POD it can take a few months to get paid for sales from Amazon, B&N, etc.

he [sic] only way I would consider doing a print on demand book again is if I was strictly marketing to an internet audience.

HUH? It should not have been difficult to figure this out.

I even found my book with some retail chain sites like Target.

HUH? Yes, that's the way the system works.

Again the big downfall is that you'll never know how many books you're selling exactly.

HUH? That's the way it is in publishing unless you are personally selling every copy of your book. J. K. Rowling doesn't really know how many Potter books Barnes & Noble bought from Scholastic and sold to the public.

So you can see immediately why print on demand publishing is running away with the crowd.

HUH? What does that mean?

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