Monday, July 28, 2014

Authorhouse employs a bunch of idiots who should be banned from publishing, and maybe from the planet.

Many observers, including me, have repeatedly pointed out that the various book brands of Author Solutions produce overpriced crap that earns the wrath of authors and readers.

I've just uncovered one more bit of evidence. No legitimate publisher or author services company would turn out a book with a back cover filled with as many errors as this one:

Tammie Paige may be "a woman of many passions and talents" -- but writing in English is not one of her talents.

This is what she submitted to an online writers' group:  "Many you can help me with my problem. Well I think I made a huge mistake by choosing the wrong publishing company. Well I sent my children’s book along with my illustrations and paid close to 500. dollars. Every thing was finally sent to the printer, people began to order my book and suddenly when I received my hardcopy their was atleast 25 text errors. How in the blank could a publishing company do this to a new and inexperienced author. So Im left with resubmitting my book and additional fee’s. What should I do. Please help me."

I feel sorry for the disillusioned author, but she was clearly not prepared to write a book without major assistance.

The company brags, "you collaborate with a personal team of AuthorHouse consultants . . ." Apparently their average IQ is somewhere below the level of a sponge. 

The thin 44-page paperback has a cover price of $17.60. It's no wonder that its Amazon sales rank is around 4.5 million!


  1. YIKES! Author Solution will be in trouble if the supply of ignorant people is ever used up.

  2. Did the book really go on sale like this?

    I feel so sorry for the author -- but she should have hired an editor. Ultimately the errors are her responsibility because her name is on the book and she paid the bill.