Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another reason to update your old books

In the old (pre-print-on-demand) days, popular books were "reprinted" when inventory was exhausted but readers and booksellers wanted to buy more. A second printing often had corrections of the errors that had escaped the editors and proofreaders of the first version.

Successive printings may have more corrections and updates (if someone died or a war ended, for example).

A major revision -- if warranted by sales -- would be called a "second edition," a "new edition," a "revised edition," an "enlarged edition" or maybe an "updated edition" and would likely have additional material as well as updates and corrections.

With POD, since there is little or no inventory that would be obsoleted by the existence of newer versions, it's easy and inexpensive to make corrections and updates at any time. With ebooks, of course, there is no physical inventory. With either POD or E, the cost of updating a book is probably somewhere between zero and a couple of hundred bucks.

For an active author, it can be worth the expense of updating books even if they don't need corrections or updating.

If readers like one book you've written you hope they will buy your other books. There is no better place to let happy readers know what else you've written than inside the book they are reading. Of course you can provide a list of titles, but you can also have brief summaries, maybe a blurb or two and maybe display the covers. An ebook can even have hyperlinks to booksellers' websites where the books are on sale.

My early books listed just a handful of other titles. My recent books show dozens and I am gradually expanding the lists is my older books.

Every book is an advertisement for an author's other books. Take advantage of a captive audience.

If your book list is short enough to fit on one page, put it in the front matter. If you need more than one page, put it in the back matter. You should also have lists of your blogs, websites and social media pages.

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