Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A simple and important thing that Amazon, authors and publishers get wrong

(above) While analysts' percentages vary, Amazon clearly has a huge share of the ebook market -- but it could sell more ebooks

I talk to lots of readers online and in the real world. All of them are aware of ebooks. Almost all are aware of Kindles. A few have Kindles. Many who don't have Kindles think they can't read an ebook formatted for Kindles if they don't have a Kindle. 

They seem to think that the ebook business is like the old videotape situation where a VHS player could not play Betamax movies.

While there is still some incompatibility with less important readers (and the availability of adaptive apps and hacks grows constantly), the simple fact is that books formatted for Kindle reading can be read on many kinds of devices. It's time for Amazon, authors and publishers to make that important fact known!

Starting with my newest book, Anthology of Third-Wirld Email Scams: learn from the best and worst!, I am promoting the concept that the book can be read on a PC, an iPad or other tablet, a Nook, a smart phone or other device.

Sure, it's probably good to publish in multiple ebook formats. But, just as many people think that the World Wide Web is the Internet and that Earth is the center of the Universe, there are people who think that "Kindle" is synonymous with "ebook."

Authors: if you can make potential readers know that they can read your books without investing in additional hardware, you may sell many more books.


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