Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Progress Report on my latest book

After just three days I'm already up to page 87 in my latest book, Anthology of Third-Wirld Email Scams: Learn from the best and worst!

It appears to provide guidance to online thieves. In the book I assume the role of Professor Fagin.

The book's actual purpose is benign:

  • It will help people to avoid becoming victims of online scams.
  • It will help all writers.
  • It will particularly help writers in advertising, fundraising and other fields to write more professional, more believable and more productive copy.
In a previous life I was an award winning Madison Avenue copywriter. I even got a rent reduction when I wrote a fundraising appeal for the YMCA -- my first New York post-college home. Also, I've received more than 10,000 scam emails and fell for just one of them.

The book should be on sale in May in both e and p versions.

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