Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Foolin'

This is the month of my birth.

4/1 and Halloween have long been my favorite holidays. I've occasionally been an April fool, and often been an April fooler.

For years I produced elaborate, effective online hoaxes, often directed at Panasonic. http://michaelmarc.us/fun/panasonic.html

My pranks had fans. Some fans gave me ideas for pranks. Others eagerly awaited them.

When it got to the point where so many people were aware of 4/1 fun that it became difficult to find believers, I changed my schedule. For 2008, I decided to celebrate the holiday a couple of days late to improve my chances of success.

That prank was extremely successful and gained wide media coverage. (Some is still online.) I also got a few complaints and a lawyer letter.

The most annoying reaction was that it is somehow wrong to do an April Fool's prank on April 3rd!  One humor critic said it was a "late, poorly executed April Fools joke," and another called me an "April Idiot."

Actually it was not late, and it was extremely well executed, and my mother didn't have any stupid kids.

There's certainly no rule that limits hoaxing to one day per year. No one who was filmed for TV's Candid Camera on 3/20 or 10/15 objected because it wasn't 4/1. Similarly the celebrities who were victims on the MTV show Punk'd may have grumbled, but not because they were not punked on the first day of the fourth month. And the subjects of "Stuttering John" interviews on The Howard Stern Show didn't check the date before deciding to participate.

I realized that it would be extremely difficult -- or maybe impossible -- to beat my 2008 April fooling, so I decided to retire. I also didn't like being threatened with lawsuits.

In the ultimate irony for a fooler, in July of 2010 _I _was the victim of an elaborate online attack. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AS44XS8

I was falsely accused of horrible crimes (and funny crimes including raping my dog). Supporters of my attacker tried to halt printing and sale of books I wrote and called for my imprisonment, castration and execution.

The attack was so well done that some of my friends and fans thought created the attack. I may joke about myself, but would never campaign to have my balls cut off.

It's now nearly four years after the attack on me, but the remnants remain. If you Google my name you'll receive more than 60,000 links -- and persistently on page one is a link to a false blog labeling me a "convicted pedophile." That link may stay online as long as the web exists.

The attacker even fooled me. For a while it seemed that my books were banned by Amazon because of complaints by the lying lunatic; but along with others authors I was a victim of a computer glitch which made books temporarily unavailable.

No credit goes to the nutjob who claimed "Amazon.com removes Pedophile Michael N. Marcus's sick pedophilia book that boasts about raping a 15 year old girl.  In a victory for children's rights campaigners across America today, Amazon.com has removed all material relating to Pedophile Michael N. Marcus from their websites." http://not-a-pedophile.blogspot.com/2010/06/sob-is-winning-todaybut-im-gonna-get.html

image at top from http://www.pictures88.com. Thanks.

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