Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stupid Outskirts Press once again shows it doesn't know what the fuck it's doing

Outskirts Press, which persists in spouting a highly dubious claim that it is "the fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company," again demonstrates its abysmal stupidity.

In the past, Outskirts people misidentified the author of Roget's Thesaurus, confused "foreword" and "forward" and misspelled "offset." One of its press releases even misspelled "Outskirts."

A few days ago Outskirts issued a press release (prepared by

error-addicted Kelly Schuknecht) announcing that six of its authors appeared in an Outskirts ad in the "New York Times Review of Books."

Sorry, Kelly. That's not true. There is no such thing as the "New York Times Review of Books."

The Outskirts ad appeared in the New York Review of Books. It is not the same publication as the New York Times Sunday Book Review section.

A book publisher should know the difference. 

They're not the same damned thing!

But maybe Outskirts does know the difference. Maybe it's not being stupid and ignorant. Maybe it's being deliberately dishonest and hopes its authors and prospective authors will confuse the 135,000-circulation Review of Books with the 2,300,000-circulation Sunday Times.

So, is it better to be stupid or deceptive?

Neither is acceptable.

Authors should stay far away from a 
publisher who is either or both.

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