Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When did "in" become out?

I've previously bitched about the disturbing tendency of Gen-X-ers and Gen-Y-ers (and Michelle Obama and Dubya Bush) to use "was like" as a synonym for "said."

I've recently become aware of another linguistic abomination.

Young people are saying "shit my pants" and "peed my pants" instead of doing it "IN my pants."

It's interesting that the use of the immature phrase coincides with an immature activity. What's next for these kids? "I'm through, Mommy. Come wipe me."

Does it take too much energy to utter the simple two-letter monosyllable, "in?"

I have a solution: just say "said" instead of "was like," and use the conserved brain power to restore the missing preposition, "in."

(The photo above shows the genuine J-Lo, but the poop stain may have been faked.)

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