Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The world doesn't need more stinky books. Be professional

  • Most stinkers are ugly.
  • Most stinkers are poorly written.
  • Most stinkers violate the rules and customs of book design.
  • Many stinkers are inaccurate.
  • Many stinkers are too short or too long.
  • Some stinkers make promises they do not — or cannot — deliver.
  • Some stinkers are padded — including unnecessary information, information that is readily available elsewhere for free, or too much empty space.
  • Some stinkers are really advertisements — even bad advertisements — masquerading as books.
  • Some stinkers are absurdly overpriced.
  • Some stinker authors either got help from the wrong people or got no help at all.
  • Some stinker authors are extremely careless — or just don’t care about producing good books.
  • Some stinker authors don’t accept the advice they give to others.
  • Some stinker authors know less than they think they know.

From my book:

STINKERS! America's Worst Self-Published Books. Learn what not to do. Volume I  It's an anthology from this blog's Bad Book Week, plus added material. Price is less than ten bucks as a paperback and less than five bucks as a Kindle edition. It's important, educational and entertaining.

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