Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A stupid book about stupidity is also very weird

Initially I thought that the following book promotion by author Robert E. Millikin was an effort at parody. Sadly, it seems to be serious.

For thirty years, I had wrestled with the bible prophecy that in the end times the majority of the people will take the mark of the beast when it would be stupid to do so.

Then in April 2009 at three thirty in the morning it finally accurd to me why they do it, and it is because that is exactly what they are, stupid.

In my book Stupid In Montana As America at amazon.com, I summarized that as the Global population of the human enterprise increases, people will get dumber and less concerned with a lower level of awareness, which is progressive math.

At the beginning of this year, I stated to maltible people that the Global Population would increase by one hundred million by the end of August and at that time we were at six billion eight hundred, eighty nine million and some change with an increase of approximately ten people every five seconds. A pretty good guess considering I missed the mark by only two weeks.

Right now, we are at six billion nine hundred, ninety two million and some change with an increase of approximately ten people every four seconds. We will have grown by one hundred million in eight months and two weeks.

Now, using this progressive math in consideration that math is the most exact science we know of, in consistency with the math of the decreasing level of intelligence and concern

I am formulating that by the year twenty fourteen or maybe twenty thirteen we will see the appearance of the one the prophet John called the Anti Christ. In addition he will begin what I think will be the processing of the people on a Global scale and by the year twenty twenty we will experience world wide mass extinction.

Math does not lie, and with this math I am calculating that the conditions for the end times of which the Prophet John spoke of, will be ripe.

So overall, I am summarizing that for those people who have a large family of say four or more small children living at this time in the human experience are on the same intellectual level as a bunny rabbit, very unaware of the Population Monster which is looming over us all.

Even the Dalai Lama stated, that every life is precious, but quality is better than quantity.

So my message is, have a brain and do not breed like rodents.

He also tells prospective readers: "Robert E. Milliken is an avid fisherman and long time resident of Montana studying in literature, who became sick and tired of the stupid crises, which is plaguing our Nation the USA at epidemic levels. So he began to write the book STUPID IN MONTANA AS AMERICA unknowing at the time he was writing a book, but as the pages grew in numbers and he could not stop, it became one. Probably due to the fact that theirs so much stupid in the world he had a lot to write about, and enough to make an hilarious and highly entertaining book of which has been getting numerous great reviews."

Virtually everything about the book and its promotion is either inept or wacky.
  • The book's online description is barely English: 
  • I don't understand the book's title.
  • The publisher (Outskirts) has a terrible reputation.
  • The hardcover edition is grossly overpriced, at $23.95 for a short 151-page book by an unknown author.
  • At $7.99, the ebook is overpriced, too. So is the paperback.
  • The spelling errors are unforgivable for an author (e.g., "accurd").
  • Sentence structure is pathetic (e.g., "of which the Prophet John spoke of").
  • Uppercasing is inconsistent (e.g., "population" and "Population").
  • Numbers that should be expressed with figures are spelled out.
  • What the hell are "maltible people?"
  • What evidence is there that the world's population is getting stupider, or that families with four or more children are as dumb as bunnies? 
  • One of the Amazon reviews was written by the author: "It's a good book, and funny." He kissed his own ass.
Other review are prime examples of stupidity (or at least severe carelessness):

Rob has put into ward what most of us just aren't brave enough to say out loud. This very funny and defiantly true excursively into the human psyche is a must read."

"This book is an awesome read as Milliken is a great writer with a cunning sense of hummer which I thoroughly enjoyed. Also he has taped into a much needed topic as he weaves hes way in and threw out the stupid crises which is a huge problem in our great nation at epidemic levels."

I could not resist. I spent $7.99 so I could examine the book.
  • The first sentence in the first chapter says: "I may have a deferent different view point than of the local’s who live there." I've read a great many books, but I can't recall any short sequence of words with as many errors as this one.
  • There are abundant errors later on, such as "bit" for "bitten" and this garbage: "Fme fishing and hunting are my two faveretfavorite things to do, but I gotta tell yayou, that theirsthere are more and more people doing it."
Sadly, this book about stupidity is a great example of stupidity. It is really stupid to publish an unedited book. The author has some important things to say, but the impact is severely limited by the unprofessional presentation.

This is additional evidence (which is probably not needed) that Outskirts Press has NO STANDARDS, NO CONSCIENCE and NO PRIDE. As long as the company gets paid, it will publish anything.

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