Monday, July 15, 2013

Outskirts Press employee knows more about publishing than her boss does

Boss Brent & Employee Wendy

Brent Sampson is the often inept and deceptive president and CEO of Outskirts Press. Wendy Stetina is the Outskirts director of author services, and sometimes provides content for the the Outskirts Press blog, "Self-Publishing Advisor."

Brent once announced that he’s available for hire as a public speaker. He listed “Independent self-publishing vs. print on demand. What’s the difference?” as one of his topics. I’d love to hear him explain that—but I wouldn’t pay to hear it.

I’m an independent self-publisher and I use print on demand. They’re not incompatible or opposites. They often go together. Brent’s silly topic is like asking “What’s the difference between farming and a tractor?” They often go together. 

Brent wanted to charge money to answer a question that should not be asked.

In a blog post, Wendy discussed the much more sensible "Traditional printing vs. print on demand. What is the difference?" It's an important question, and Wendy's explanation was accurate.

Boss Brent, on the other hand, once wrote the wrong name for the publisher of Roget's Thesaurus, confused a foreword with a preface, and has made many other errors.

Maybe Wendy should boss her boss.

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