Thursday, July 11, 2013

Don't nip someone's butt.

Stupid English mistakes may be funny, but they're still stupid. Be careful.

Seen online, in print, on signs:
  1. Brew-ha-ha (brouhaha)
  2. Poured (pored)
  3. High bread (hybrid)
  4. Bare with me (bear)
  5. For all intensive purposes (intents and purposes)
  6. Alcoholics Unanimous (Anonymous)
  7. 500-pound guerrilla (gorilla)
  8. A whole nother (another whole, or just another)
  9. Pneumonic (mnemonic)
  10. Walk the talk (walk the walk and talk the talk)
  11. Vestal interest (vested interest or vestal virgin)
  12. Covered operation (covert)
  13. Cowtow (kowtow)
  14. Southmore (sophomore)
  15. Eggcorn (acorn)
  16. Beyond the pail (pale)
  17. Reign in (rein)
  18. Duel fuel (dual)
  19. Nip it in the butt (bud)


  1. Michael - #8 could also be "A whole other", as in "a whole other can of worms" or similar.