Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A very weird blog mentioned my publishing company. Why?

Posts on this blog have a strange mix of intelligence, gibberish, English and foreign languages. I can't tell if it's all "written" by a robot that harvests bits of text from all over the web, or by a robot with human help, or by a human with robotic help.

Other blogs and websites that are filled with similar gibberish have tried to attract search engines and expose searchers to advertising. This blog has no ads. There is a tiny, unobtrusive link to a page advertising the blog host with links to other gibberish blogs. Blog hosting is free, so I can't figure out who makes money with this silliness. 

"I have the room, and it would be nice having him around. About silver sands books is a small, independent publisher concentrating on helpful books which make technical subjects easy to understand. the problem for entertainers is they have to decide if they want to entertain all the people or if its worth offending the other half of the country. the milk river near glasgow montana has about a 90 percent chance of exceeding the major flood stage of 27 feet. if she were anyone else, you Thomas Gibson wouldnt care."

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