Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's behind the Christian compulsion to self-publish?

Why don't Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others have that compulsion?

First, a few prefatory remarks:

(1) The chart above was done a while ago, but I have no reason to assume current figures differ greatly.

(2) The answers to some of the questions may be obvious to Christians, but I am Jewish, not Christian, and I don't know the answers.

(3) The table above is both revealing and mystifying. The data comes from Google, which is not 100% perfect, but does offer a pretty good snapshot of the world. The table leads to some questions:
  1. Why do Christians have a much stronger need or desire to self-publish than followers of other religions?
  2. There are about 150 Christians to every Jew on the planet. However, the ratio of links for "Christian publishing" to "Jewish publishing" is only about 3.7 to one.
  3. The ratio of "Christian self-publishing" to "Jewish self-publishing" is 4,370 to one!
  4. Why do the members of my tribe -- who do a huge amount of writing and publishing -- have such a tiny need for religious self-publishing compared to Christians?
  5. Do Christian writers think they are blocked by traditional secular publishing companies, or merely feel more comfortable dealing with Christian self-publishing companies than with secular self-publishing companies?
  6. Why do followers of Islam ("people of the book" like Christians and Jews) who make up over one-fifth of the world's population, and are strongly involved in publishing, have such a tiny need for self-publishing that reflects Islam?
  7. Why do Hindus and Buddhists -- who comprise one-fifth of the planet's population and have substantial involvement in publishing, have no apparent need for self-publishing that reflects their faiths?
  8. Why do the millions of Sikhs, Baha'is, Confucians, Jains and Shintos have no need for self-publishing services that cater to followers of their faiths. (Yes, I know that the English version of Google may not reflect links to websites in other languages, but since it does show links to "X-publishing" but not "X-self-publishing," I think it's valid to consider the Google numbers).
Monk drawing from the Jane Austin Society of Australia. Thanks.

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