Thursday, June 27, 2013

Try not to piss people off. The web has a very long memory.

In the 21st century, when many people consider doing business with a company or making a purchase, one of the first things they do is to search for comments online.

Twelve years ago my wife ignored abundant bad reviews and has been suffering with a big-buck Dacor 'pro-style' gas range ever since. I usually check book reviews before ordering from Amazon. I read many comments about the Honda Crosstour before even visiting dealers. (The car is great.)

A search for Outskirts Press on Google showed more than 650,000 results. However  on the critical first page, two of the seven links were NEGATIVE (one was for this blog). The second, third and other pages also had links to negative comments.

A search on Bing didn't show anything bad about Outskirts on the first results page, but there were negative links on the second, third and other pages.

Any person or business with an online existence may accumulate online criticism -- and it may be on the web forever. Do the right thing, and do things right.

Yes, I know that the blog title warns about pissing people off, and I often piss people off with what I write on this blog. I like to think that I am performing a public service (and maybe providing some entertainment). The targets of my criticism deserve to be criticized. So far, no one I've pissed off in this blog has sued me. I am willing to take the chance. I like the First Amendment very much. 

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