Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some things I learned in five years on Facebook and 67 years on Earth

Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick wrote, "it don't mean shit to a tree." Despite the bad grammar, she was very perceptive. Many things that seem very important at one time, won't have lasting impact.

(1) Some kids I thought were pathetic assholes, "hoods" or idiots 50 years ago turned out to be very nice people, and even smart doctors, lawyers and professors.

(2) Some kids I thought were geniuses 50 years ago have not accomplished much.

(3) Some kids I thought were fine 50 years ago are assholes now.

(4) Some kids I thought were assholes 50 years ago are still assholes.

(5) Some kids I dismissed for various reasons 50 years ago are really nice people and I'm sorry I didn't know them back then.

(6) Some girls I thought were conceited snobs back in high school 50 years ago are very nice people now.

(7) Some girls I didn't know in high school 50 years ago, I would've dated -- or maybe even wanted to marry.

(8) Race, religion, economic background, athletic ability, national origin, future goals, clothing choice and even height that were seemingly insurmountable barriers to relationships 50 years ago are no big deal now.

(9) Some kids I might have been friendlier with 50 years ago are dead. I'm sorry I missed the chance.

(10) Some bad kids who used to get away with making other kids miserable got punished.

(11) It's possible to like someone despite bad grammar and spelling.

(12) Things that were once very important, no longer are. As Grace Slick wrote, "It don't mean shit to a tree."

(13) Aging levels, humbles, weakens and strengthens. 

(14) It's possible to ignore what I can't change.

(15) When I was around 15 years old, I looked forward to living the life of Archie. It hasn't happened yet, and probably won't happen.

(16) If I had all of the money I spent on stupid $10 things, I'd have a lot of money (but maybe would not have had as much fun).

(17) Time accelerates. In high school, every 45-minute class seemed to last a hundred years. Now, years seem to have just five months.

(18) If you do the wrong thing, apologize immediately. If you wait too long, the other person might die before you have the chance.

(19) The first sign of aging is encountering parents who are younger than you are, then cops, then professional athletes, then teachers, then rabbis and priests, then presidents, then grandparents.

(20) I can't change what has already happened.

(21) Despite truth, logic and intellect, there are some arguments I just can't win. It's better to shut up or walk away.

(22) The best place to put an important list is on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door.
This list will probably become a book, What I Learned So Far, and should have learned.

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  1. I'd read that book, and would probably go to bed with you, too.