Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Should a "Christ-Centered Publishing House" deceive prospective customers?

Schiel & Denver is a blatantly dishonest publishing services company.

It says it is a "Christ-Centered Publishing House" and "we employ staff who think critically and creatively, lead with high ethical and professional standards . . . ." 

The company also says, "You can rest assured your book will go on sale at over 160,000+ online and traditional retail stores, in over 100 countries."

That claim is a big pile of steaming bullshit. While a book may be orderable at thousands of stores, that's not the same thing as "on sale at" with implied on-the-shelf availability.

The company also bullshits about its printing facilities. It said, "The company operates printing and distribution centers in the following locations:  Lavergne, Tennessee; Nr Bangor, Maine; Allentown, Pennsylvania." It's 99% likely that the facilities in Tennessee and Pennsylvania belong to Lightning Source, not to Schiel & Denver. I doubt that S&D owns the Maine printing plant.

The company's website shows the following photos. A prospective customer who is impressed by S&D's clams to be Christ-centered and having high ethical standards might logically assume that the photos were taken at S&D facilities.

Not so. The photos were either purchased from stock photo suppliers or copied from other websites: 

from ShutterStock

from iStockPhoto


If you can't trust a company to be honest about its printing plants, warehouses and photographs, can you trust it at all? Probably not.

It's quite common to use stock photos on websites. But a company that brags about ethics and claims a Christ connection with web pages devoted to a statement of faith and vision and values should be held to a higher standard.

Stay away from Schiel & Denver!


  1. Harriet (a minister)May 29, 2013 at 1:09 AM

    Crooked "Christian" publishers remind me of ministers who cheat on their wives and priests who rape children.

  2. Apparently Shiel & Denver never read "the good book."