Monday, April 29, 2013

If you want work as an editor, make sure you don't need an editor

Bev Wieber's "EditorEtc" Facebook page makes her seem to be the publishing equivalent of a "one-man band." Bev seeks business providing a wide range of functions including editing and proofreading -- but she needs editorial assistance.

From her page:


Complete writing, editing & graphic design services for any project type, size, frequency, including manuscript critiques, proof reading [ONE WORD, DAMMIT!] . Ghostwriting also available. PR services include branding, copyrighting [COPYWRITING!], press releases & social media campaigns.
Major player [DOESN'T SEEM LIKE A MISSION] with influence & relevance impacting the future of media & publishing, guided by a moral compass of accuracy [OOPS], integrity, honesty, compassion & dignity.
Content creation, curation & aggregation. Editor [EDITORIAL] services, photos, graphics, layout/design. Print, online & mobile formats. B2B or B2C. Research, consulting, marketing.

Bev's Facebook page reminds me of an important lyric from Tom Lehrer's Be Prepared song: "Don't write naughty words on walls if you can't spell."

If you want to attract attention to your work as an editor (or as a painter, chef, mechanic or anything) make sure your promotional efforts are first-class.

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  1. In addition to your specific corrections, Bev's overall writing style is amateurish, and the use of ampersands within text is absolutely wrong.