Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm addicted to writing, but I don't want to be cured

Last night I finished (actually, 99% finished) the book on the left. 1001 Powerful Pieces of Author Advice is a collection of helpful hints (an overused but useful phrase) that should help all authors -- regardless of their path to publication. The price is just $6.99 and there are actually more than 1001 pieces of advice in the book, so they'll cost you much less than a penny apiece. The advice can save authors thousands of dollars and many hours of wasted time, and help to avoid embarrassment.

This book has already been on two Amazon bestseller lists for books about authorship. YAY.

The title has just five words but includes TWO alliterations. That may be a new record. I'll check with the Guinness record keepers.

I'm an April Fool, and an Old Fart. I hope to have my 67th birthday next month. I've absorbed lots of useful and useless information (not just about writing and publishing) while on this planet, and it seems appropriate to pass on some of what I've learned while my fingers can still tap most of the right keys. I started writing the book on the right this morning. What I learned So Far... and should have learned should be out around 4/15. 

I think this is book #40. I can't stop. I'd rather write than sleep.

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