Monday, February 4, 2013

Some authors, it seems, just don't give a shit about their books

This is probably the least-interesting cover design of all time. Maybe the poetry in the e-book is more stimulating than the cover. Will anyone find out?

The typing, spelling and grammar inside the book are probably the worst I’ve ever seen. YIPES!

The book has a four-star review on Lulu -- posted by the poet himself!

Gerard wants us to know that this is his finest work. That's not encouraging. Neither is the sloppy typing in the review itself.

Here's what the pathetic egomaniac put on GoodReads: "wonderful collection of poetry by Irish author ,this is a flowing melodic poetry of raw honesty, this ebook will delight tantalise and frustrate you for sure"

Gerard posted a promo on the Author Mingle Facebook page leading to the preview on Lulu.

If Gerard didn't care enough to produce a quality book, why should a reader care enough to invest time and money?

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  1. It's absolutely shameful that crap like this could come from the land of great authors like Joyce and Wilde.