Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Literary fraud from (no surprise) Outskirts Press

I had various jobs in retail while in high school and college. I was not paid well but I generally enjoyed my work and learned some good lessons for life.

The pure white cover blends
 into a white web page.
I heard some good stories from the old-timers I worked with, and had a few experiences worth telling to others. When I heard about  A Word About Working in Retail  -- an allegedly humorous book about working in retail -- I ordered it.

If I wanted to be nice, I'd say that the book is a joke.

But, after receiving the book, I'm not in a nice mood. Therefore, I'll say that the book is a sham, a con, a complete ripoff, an ugly piece of shit, and not at all entertaining or informative.

Most of the pages have nothing but a page number and the word "don't" printed on them. Some pages also show crappy pictures of shopping carts in parking lots.

The typography on the back cover and on the few pages that have more than one word of text is absolutely atrocious. The book was apparently designed by a blind retard, and should never have been printed. This is one more in a series of bad books from the frequently inept and dishonest Outskirts Press. The book is promoted, as usual, by a terrible press release and worthless web page.

The book was published over six years ago and has exactly ONE review on Amazon.com (from me), and none at B&N. Cover price is $5.95. That's $5.90 too much. The Amazon sales rank this morning was #7,485,899

to John Andersen,
Perpetrator of literary fraud:

to Brent Sampson,
Publisher of shit, enabler of Andersen:

Brent's competitor, Lulu.com boss Bob Young, told Publishers Week­ly thatWe publish a huge number of really bad books. It looks like Brent is trying to keep up with Bob.
  • Freedom of the press does not justify bad taste.
  • A publisher should not be a whore who gets into bed with every diseased and foul-smelling drunk with a wad of cash.
  • There is no excuse for publishing bad books.

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