Monday, February 18, 2013

It takes two to tango, but I won't dance with Booktango.

Wordclay was a self-publishing company owned by self-pub behemoth Author Solutions that closed at the end of 2012. It was merged into Booktango.

Wordclay used to say, “You can sign up and start publishing your book for free. There is no cost to register with our Web site and create your account. There is no cost to use our publishing wizard to turn your work into a published book . . . . We have additional goods and services that you can also purchase through our Services Store, but again, there is no obligation. The basic publishing experience of getting your manuscript into a finished book is entirely free.” As with its competitors, the “free” publishing didn’t actually include printing any books

I tried and criticized Wordclay three years ago

Booktango boasts:we think you deserve 100 percent royalties. We won’t take any of your hard-earned e-book sales: no distribution fees, no transaction fees, no nothing. That means you’ll earn the full list price of any e-book sold through our bookstore. And when your e-book sells through a different online retailer, say via the iBookstore, you still get 100 percent of net royalties.”

That little word “net” is very important. The 100% royalties come only from books sold from the Booktango website, which will probably sell very few books. With sales from other booksellers, you’re supposed to collect 100% of what Booktango collects—but you’ll never know how much Booktango actually collects

Also, if Booktango is paying you 100%, you may wonder how it makes money. How does it pay its employees? How does it pay its bills?

I can think of just one way: by pushing high-profit publishing services and packages priced from $49 to $2,999. That’s a long way from “free.”

Oh yeah, the free ebook can’t include any illustrations. If you want to beautify your bare text, you’ll have to pay at least $49 to show up to ten images. Even the top-priced $359 package includes just ten images. Additional images will cost you a buck each. That could easily add $100 for the typical books I publish. OUCH!

  • ·      Booktango will provide U.S. copyright registration for $150. You can do it yourself for $35.
  • ·      With the $359 package you get a “free” ebook. How generous!
By the way, the Booktango online bookstore is terrible—with misclassified, badly described, unedited, overpriced and ugly books.

The overall image of Booktango is unprofessionalism.

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  1. Booktango are a fraud. Absolutely dishonest and will surely pay for their misdeeds someday.

    An author scammed by Booktango.