Friday, February 22, 2013

dehyphenation (or de-hyphenation?)

As of today I am officially changing from typing "e-book" to "ebook." As new terms become common (like "email"), they often lose their hyphens.

I am also removing hyphens from "p-book" and "e-publish" to be consistent. Consistency is admirable, but uncommon in English.

I am making the changes in new books, blog posts and websites, and revisions of old ones.

I previously dropped hyphens from "bestseller," "bookstore," "bookseller" and "copyedit." 

At one time, there were hyphens in "automobile" and "cry-baby" -- but not "female" (which, interestingly, is not derived from "male."

Sometimes hyphenated words lose their hyphens but gain spaces, as with "ice cream" and "water bed."

The red things up above are proofreaders' marks, indicating deletion of the hyphen and closing up the space where the hyphen has been.

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