Thursday, January 3, 2013

Can Michael master more 21st-century media?
Can he suppress lustful thoughts about "Nook?"

My first three e-books were produced and distributed by eBookIt, and I was very pleased with the results and the price. I didn't have to do much work, my e-books are sold worldwide and money comes in every month. I will use eBookit for some future books, too, and highly recommend the company.

I have mastered many 20th-century geek skills. I can solder wire, develop film, change spark plugs, splice recording tape, send Morse Code (OK, 19th century), build walls and install sinks and phone systems.

In this century, I've produced about a hundred websites and blogs, formatted thousands of pages for printed books, and I hope to figure out how to take pictures with my new Nokia Lumia 920.

I don't tweet (but, strangely, I have followers on Twitter), and see no point in texting.

Phones are for talking. Al Bell invented the phone AFTER Sam Morse invented telegraphy. Talking is easier than dealing with the alphabet. I use smart phones for talking. If I want to type use a computer.

Out of curiosity, I tried Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program. I liked it and quickly published five Kindle books and have started three more.

I make lots of revisions to my books when they are first published. With print books, it's very expensive to do this with Lightning Source, but pleasantly free, fast and easy with CreateSpace.

eBookIt has not charged me for revisions, but I probably held back on some revisions -- and definitely delayed one book -- because I didn't want to wear out my welcome by requesting lots of changes.

I like the ease, speed and no cost of CreateSpace revising, and was very pleased to find that same freedom with Kindle e-books. If I transmit a revision in the evening, the new version is on sale when I get up in the morning.

Out of curiosity (and a desire to master even more technology), today I will experiment with Barnes & Noble's Pubit! system for publishing e-books for the Nook. (I previously failed at using Smashwords.)

I still have carnal thoughts whenever I see "Nook" and think of "pubes," but if I can remain focused, I'll be pubing today. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Telegraph image from iStockPhoto. Blackberry photo from Orlando Sentinel. Thanks.

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