Monday, January 7, 2013

BOY, did I screw up!

I  generally write blog posts Monday thru Friday, unless something really important happens on the weekend that can't wait until Monday.

Yesterday was Sunday.

I thought it was Monday, and I published a post that was supposed to be published today.

I realized that yesterday was yesterday after I had already posted links to the blog post on Facebook. If I deleted the Sunday blog post and re-published it on Monday, people who followed the links might be confused or pissed off -- so I let the post stay where it was.

I'm pretty sure that today is Monday. In a few hours I have the schlep out the recycling stuff. I hate that part of my life and have cut back on newspapers and magazines made from dead trees to lighten my load.

If you missed my Sunday blog post, CLICK HERE. It's somewhat entertaining and definitely important.

Today is the birthday of my little sister Meryl. She's a grandmother. I find that hard to believe.

Also today, the total number of my books being sold on is TWENTY-TWOI think that's pretty amazing. There are at least six more books "in the oven."

Above are some of the most recent ones. I don't write only about publishing.

I may not be much smarter than the average author, but I get up earlier. I used to start around 3 AM. I now start typing at around 1:30. I may subconsciously think I'm running out of time. I expect to die in 2035 and there is still a lot on my bucket list. (I've removed bungee jumping from the George Washington Bridge and going to a whorehouse in Amsterdam.)

Woody Allen said, "Eighty percent of success is showing up." If you show up at your keyboard while other writers are asleep, you may be more successful (whatever that means).

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By the way, there are three apostrophes on the record album at the top. Two of them should not be there.

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