Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I don't complain only about publishing

In the mid-1960s, I bought an old GE refrigerator for my college apartment. I paid $35 for it, and sold it three years later for $50.

It had to be defrosted manually, did not dispense water or ice through the door, never needed a repair, and always did its job.

More recently, my wife and I spent about two grand on a beautiful stainless steel top-of-the-line GE "Profile Arctica" fridge.
  • This "frost-free" freezer sometimes needs to be manually defrosted.
  • The fridge sometimes dispenses water and ice through the door and often dispenses water onto the floor -- causing people to slip, slide and fall.
  • It sometimes dispenses water onto the wood cabinetry -- causing it to rot. The fridge is destroying my kitchen!
  • It needs three or four service visits each year.
  • The water dispensing feature had to be fixed a few months ago, and stopped working last week.
  • When I open the freezer, ice cubes fall on the floor. 

The fridge is a beautiful and expensive PIECE OF SHIT.

I recently bought a water filter for it. With tax, it cost me $42.27. That's more than I spent to have my fail-proof GE college fridge for three years.

Progress? HAH!

GE: "Imagination at work." YEAH, SURE. A refrigerator that pisses on the floor is very imaginative. My dog is smarter than my fridge -- he goes outside the house to piss.

GE: "We bring good things to life". BULLSHIT. Not to my life.

GE: "For more than a century, GE has been committed to producing innovative products that change the way people live." I'M LIVING WORSE.

GE: "The result of thorough research and rigorous testing, GE appliances are designed for years of dependable performance." BULLSHIT.

GE: "advanced appliances to improve people's lives." BULLSHIT. 

GE: "Leading the Way to a Better Future."  FUCK YOU.

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  1. My dad was in the air conditioning and refrigeration business for over 40 years before retiring.

    He found a 1930 GE refrigerator that runs, I believe, on Amonia, in a junkyard while looking for a truck part.

    Bought the refrigerator for $5. Took it home and plugged it in. Mom was about to skin him alive for bringing it home until she put her hand on the top shelf.

    Not much she could say as it was starting to get cold.

    That was in 1989.

    That old fridge is still in Dad's work shed and he still keeps stuff cool in it.

    Not bad for a $5 purchase price for a piece of 1930 technology.

  2. I hope GE boss Jeff Immelt reads this.