Saturday, November 3, 2012

Electricity is back and so am I

Power returned to my house Friday afternoon. Sandy blew a few things away and broke a few things, and we threw out a lot of food (including a beautiful frozen London Broil that we bought in 2009) -- but our house held up fine and the basement (where I'm typing this) stayed dry.

It's nice to have computers and electric lights and other 21st-century conveniences after living like a caveman for four days. It seems wrong to complain about my inconveniences -- no Internet, no New York Times, no TiVo, no satellite radio, noise from generators (neighbors kindly charged things for me), no trick-or-treating, having to go to four places on two days to find ice for sale and having to buy new underwear because I could not wash the old boxers -- when others have died and suffered and lost so much.

I'll spend the weekend putting the house and office back together, relearning how to type, and maybe I'll install Windows 8.

Normal blogging should resume on Monday.

I thank all of you who expressed concern and good wishes. It's nice to be noticed, appreciated and missed.

Please give ten bucks to the Red Cross to help Sandy's real victims.

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