Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teabaggers apparently slept through school

Can a high school diploma be canceled?

(above) Not Joe the English teacher.

(above) If her boarder is out of control, evict him.

(above) Apparently spelling education needs to be better distributed.

(above) Repeal stupid Bagger sign makers.

(above) Say YES to proper spelling.

(above) We need more infromation from Faux News. 

(above) English is mandatory. Proper spelling is not.

(above) Is Gemany where gems come from?

(above) I'm outraged by Bagger grammar.

On Stra Terk, the Bag-Borg said, "Resisance is Futle."

(above) It's OK to give away their "H."

(above) ...and did'nt serve 22 seconds in apostrophe class.

(above) But Hugh Laurie is British.

(above) ...but not a wake in spelling class

(above) It's good that Mama Bagger knew to replace the missing "R" in the kid's sign.
Sadly, she didn't know where to put it.
Shall we wrok around the crock? 

(above) English is mandatory. Proper English is optional.

(above) Baggers Against Proper Plurals

(above) ...especially to pay for skule 


Thanks to the Baggers and the photographers.

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