Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tea Party Typography

Campaign signs produced by the major political parties are dull but usually follow traditional typographic rules. Teabaggers don't need rules, rulers or dictionaries.

(above) This sign shows an innovative mix of transitional, slab serif and sans serif type combined with freestyle spelling -- a favorite of teabaggers.

(above) Bagger Brain Syndrome is the inability to compose a proper sentence caused by abnormal cerebral pressure exerted by an ill-fitting funny hat. BBS also includes the chronic inability to maintain consistent uppercase and lowercase lettering.

(above) Bold, centered text and red margins are powerful. Consistent casing, proper grammar and proper spelling are intolerable to baggers.

(above) The uppercase "G" is nice, evocative of Dotum or Vrinda typefaces. The spelling and mix of cases are evocative of bagger stupidity. Also, the "morans" would need several brains, not just one.

(above) Sloppy but innovative. I never saw an "I-A" ligature before. However, the comma should be a period. 

(above) I don't know what Jesus would say, but I say the sign sucks. Uppercase and lowercase letters should not be mixed within a word, and letters within a word should be approximately the same height and not go downhill. Also, most ten-year-olds could draw better flags.

(above) This sign has consistent uppercasing -- but inconsistent underlining, a missing comma and very strange spelling. 

(above) This bagger shows effective use of multiple colors, marred by poor justification and insufficient linespacing under the last word. Also, the important, double-underlined word is spelled wrong, in keeping with bagger standards.

(above) The multicolored typography is powerful, but sloppy. Also, the nonexistent death panels will discuss "euthanasia" but will not be run by kids from India, China or Laos.

(above) The uppercase, bold and multicolored "NO" is very effective. Tucking the lowercase "u" under the uppercase "P" shows kerning uncommon in hand-lettered signs. Thanks to the sign, I am indeed concerned about big government taking my "pubic" options away. Would the Democrats not allow me to die the hairs on my scrotum for Halloween and the Fourth of July?

I thank all the photographers, and the baggers who made the signs.


  1. I'm sure several misspelled liberal signs could be found online as well. What does this post have to do with Book Making? Unfortunately, it drags your politics into an unrelated discussion that I did enjoy up until now.

  2. Well, "morans" was my favorite until I hit "youth in asia" at which point I was literally ROFL. Great collection, Michael.

  3. Kevin: The page of bagger signs certainly falls within the blog description of "Michael N. Marcus discusses writing, editing, publishing and sometimes other things. He often draws attention to inept publishers and writers. It's his duty and his compulsion. It's important and often funny."

    I have seen a few (very few, actually) misspelled liberal signs, but they're not nearly as funny as what the baqggers have produced.

    If you care to submit some equally zany lefty signs, I'll consider publishing them. I'm glad to point out ineptness regardless of the source.

  4. Most of those guys are white supremists too.

  5. Most of those guys are white supremists too.