Monday, October 8, 2012

If you're an author or a wannabe,
get to Self-Publishing Book Expo on 10/27

Self-Publishing Book Expo is an annual gathering of people who have already self-published, people who want to self-publish, people who are thinking about self-publishing, and the companies and people that serve them.

There have been three previous SPBEs, and the fourth will occur on Saturday, October 27th, at the Sheraton New York Hotel. I was at SPBE #2 and #3, and plan to be be at this one (I have re-scheduled my beard-trimming). Here's what I wrote about Expo Two. I may know a lot about this business, but I am always eager to learn more.

Visitors will have a chance to talk to representatives from major companies in the field including CreateSpace, Vantage Press (photo above), Smashwords, B&N's PubIt, BookBaby, Publishers Weekly, Infinity, IBPA, Kirkus and more -- as well as new vendors making their trade show debuts. Some vendors dropped out after one SPBE appearance. Some have dropped out and returned, and some have been at every Expo. Obviously they think their money is well spent. Important people are looking forward to talking to you. Don't disappoint them.

Some of the exhibitors are authors trying to attract readers. 

There will be more than a dozen panels and seminars dealing with vital subjects including publishing law, working with editors, e-books and special markets. In the past some of these sessions were so popular that people stood in backs of rooms and in the hallways to listen because every seat was taken. Plan your schedule so you can get a seat. You'll have to buy a ticket for admission to the panels and seminars, but you can roam the exhibit hall for FREE.

Wear comfortable shoes or sneaks. Dress is 'business casual.' 

Bring a big messenger bag because you'll have the opportunity to collect lots of freebies probably including Tootsie Rolls, pads, pens, lollipops, thumb drives, flashlights, more Tootsie Rolls, key chains, bookmarks, even more Tootsie Rolls, desk-top tchotchkes and -- of course --  brochures and price lists. You can even help other authors if you buy books from them.

Two lucky attendees will win Nooks from B&N. I already have an iPad and KindleFire, and it would be nice to add a Nook to my collection.

You can buy a ticket at the door, but if you register and pay in advance, you may be able to schedule a one-on-one session of Publicity Brainstorming or Speed Pitching Agents. You'll be able to find out if your life's work has been in vain, or could make you millions, or might just be fun.

Although the promoters don't mention it, SPBE also provides a great opportunity to network (it used to be called "schmooze") with other authors. You can compare strategies, learn which suppliers are good or bad, perhaps sell some books, get a date or find a mate. Make sure you have business cards, and maybe carry a book you've published. 

If you are serious about self-publishing, get to SPBE

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  1. OK, OK, you convinced me. I'll go.

    Which vendor's booth is best for picking up a hot babe?