Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I started a self-publishing company in 45 minutes for free. So can you.

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(CLICK HERE for 99 Buck Books website)

I've been intrigued -- and troubled -- by some recent new entries in the self-publishing field such as Esquire Publications, MindStir Media and A Book's Mind. Some of the companies simply don't seem "ready for prime time" and I was curious to see how easy it is to form a self-publishing company.

It's very easy.

I did a Google search for "free website," chose a hosting company (, chose a template, put in some words and pictures, chose a business name and I was open for business in about 45 minutes. My "company" quickly became Google-able through this blog, and will probably have its own Google link in a day or so.

(above) Just as Lulu and other companies advertise "free self-publishing," it's also possible to form a self-publishing company for free. All I needed is an email address, and accounts with Paypal and CreateSpace. I'll let the authors do the writing, editing and designing, and offer various services for additional fees. Books will automatically be available for sale.   

Here's the website for 99 Buck Books. Will I defeat Outskirts Press and CreateSpace? Will 99 Buck Books get bought by Author Solutions or Amazon for millions of dollars? Will I get sued by Sarah Palin for millions of dollars. I'll let you know what happens.

Anyone who can read, click and type can become an author or a publisher. That's sad.

Update: I'm having so much fun that I upgraded my freebie website to a paid one so I could have a normal URL: I'll probably put links to some of my books on it so I can sell some books to cover the cost of the website. 
. . . . .

NO, I'm not really starting a self-publishing company. This was just an experiment to see exactly how low the "barrier to entry" is in self-publishing. I'm too busy with my own books to publish the work of other writers. I learned that it's very easy to form a self-publishing company. Before you choose one, carefully investigate its qualifications and successes -- and remember: price isn't everything.


  1. If you ever decide to do this for real, I'll sign up.

  2. Diana, within a heartbeat me too.

  3. I love the bogus site! is pretty nifty, in MHO, and I use it for my photography website.

    I really think you should buy a domain name (check availability at and make the move to a more professional (and easier to remember) address... instead of having as your URL. It's not expensive to buy a name of your choice and it's easy to have Blogspot forward it.

    Going from "TheNeonLounge/" to just "" has increased my traffic immensely, and search engines seem to prefer it better than longer URLs.

  4. Lawlz! You've already got two takers, which perfectly illustrates half the problem. Why would anyone pay you when they're still doing all the work themselves? Why would anyone pay you to do work they can do themselves? I don't get it. I just don't get it.

  5. Tyge -- Thanx for the excellent advice. This blog is now simply and the parody site is