Sunday, October 14, 2012

GOP baby talk

It's sad that some Republicans have the intellectual sophistication and debating skill of playground punk Nelson Muntz in "The Simpsons."

Children insult each other by distorting their names. Back in grade school I was "carcass" and "Marc-ass." I haven't heard those epithets since around 1954.

I had assumed that adults were too mature to engage in this silliness -- but the hatred of teabaggers and other right-wing extremists seems right out of third grade.

They seem to be unable to disagree with the president without referring to him as "oSHITHEAD," "NoBama," "Ovomit," "Oblubberhead," "O-Bite-Me," "Barack HUSSEIN Obama" and "Barry Soetoro."

I've referred to Romney as "Willard," but that's his real name. "Mitt" is not.

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