Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Did Outskirts Press's Brent Sampson replace his wife?

According to the Internet Wayback Machine, as recently as May of 2011, Jeanine Sampson (Mrs. Brent Sampson) was part of the "executive team" that ran inept and dishonest pay-to-publish company Outskirts Press. [below] As recently as today, LinkedIn identifies Jeanine as COO of the company. [This paragraph should be flush-left, not centered. Blogger will not let me fix it.]

[below] And, as recently as today, 411.com shows Jeanine and Brent living at the same address. 

Also, as recently as today, Facebook shows that Jeanine and Brent are married to each other and Jeanine is still the Outskirts COO.

Lots of people don't update their LinkedIn and Facebook pages. However, the Outskirts exec page has been updated [below]. In the current version, Jeanine is notably absent, and Kelly Schuknecht has been added.

  • It's possible that Jeanine and Brent are no longer Mr. & Mrs. Sampson and that 411.com, LinkedIn and Facebook are out-of-date.
  • Or maybe Jeanine decided to be a stay-at-home mom.
  • Or maybe Jeanine got another job.
  • Or maybe Jeanine decided to retire early.
  • Or maybe Jeanine realized that Outskirts Press is such a shitty operation that she no longer wants to be associated with it. If that's the case, I applaud her.


  1. Is Brent banging Kelly? Please find out.

  2. Blogger can be a pain sometimes, can't it? Ugh.

  3. You sure do post some messed up content for a "book making" blog. How about less gossip and more tips on book making?

  4. To Jonathan Frank:

    This blog has more than 1500 posts going back to 2008. The vast majority deal with "book making." I think this particular post deals with business, not gossip, and is not "messed up."

  5. To me it just looks like you're cyberstalking a CEO and his wife on Facebook and LinkedIn. That's definitely messed up...

    And good for you for making the vast majority of your blog posts about book making. Shouldn't that be the case for a blog with your title? But I've looked around and I noticed that a lot of your posts are libelous or slanderous. Very interesting that you created an entire book about Internet hell, yet you're constantly making the Internet hell for others. Michael N. Marcus is a hypocrite!

  6. Jon:

    You wouldn't know a cyberstalker if one bit your nose. Look up the meaning.

    I frequently call attention to people and companies that are dishonest and/or incompetent. Outskirts Press is one of the worst.

    If you really think that in "a lot" of my 1500-plus posts I've committed libel or slander, please identify a dozen and call the cops.

    Also, learn the difference between libel and slander.

    BTW, since you have publicly accused me of committing crimes, unless I am proven guilty, you are guilty of libel.

    My "Internet Hell" book is about dishonest and libelous harassment, including a call for maiming, imprisonment and murder. I've done nothing like that.

    Exactly who have I "constantly" made the Internet hell for? Please "put up or shut up." Name just a few.

    The very first line of text below the blog's title is "Michael N. Marcus discusses writing, editing, publishing and sometimes other things." You apparently read selectively.

    If you feel my blog is deficient, please start your own. I'll be glad to provide a critique.

    You called me a hypocrite. Are you a hypocrite for committing libel while falsely accusing me of committing libel?

  7. You frequently make the Internet hell for Brent Sampson and Michael Hyatt, just to name a couple. Life is too valuable to waste on you and your blog. I'm sure you won't miss me, but I won't be returning. I hope others will do the same.

  8. Jon-Jon:

    You've retreated from "constantly" to "frequently." What's next, "sometimes?"

    I assumed you were a Hyatt acolyte, and now you've confirmed it.

    Anyone who defends Hyatt and Sampson is a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal.

    Hyatt and Sampson have never had the confidence to institute civil suits against me for libel nor have they sought criminal prosecution against me. Apparently you don't have the confidence to back up your accusations, either.

    Let me know when your own blog is ready for evaluation. I hope it won't demonstrate the ignorance you've shown here.