Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why do "Christian" publishers lie?

I've gotten used to sleazy pay-to-publish companies like Outskirts Press and iUniverse lying about providing "free" or "complimentary" books to their customers. The books are not free. Author/customers get the books as part of publishing packages costing up to $15,249 -- or even more. The books are no more free than the bookmarks, copyright registration or press releases that are often part of the deal.

I am not religious, but I do know that the Ninth Commandment ("Thou shalt not bear false witness") is often interpreted broadly as a prohibition against lying. In Proverbs, we are advised that the Lord hates "a lying tongue." In  Zechariah, a line says, "speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor."

  • It would seem that the bible-thumpers who operate "Christian" pay-to-publish companies would know that lying is wrong -- but they lie in an effort to get customers.

The lying hypocrites go to great effort to present their angelic credentials.

New Book Publishing tells potential authors: "Regardless of personal costs, we adhere to traditional, Christian values. HAH.

The company provides from 3 to 35 "complimentary" books -- which aren't complimentary unless you ignore a required payment of $737 to $5423.

WestBow Press says, "we . . . specialize in books with Christian morals . . . Additionally, WestBow Press is a company that you can trust. Our titles are held to a high standard based around the fact that we are a Christian self-publisher. HAH.

Westbow will provide from 10 to 65 "free" books -- but only if you spend from $999 to $6499.

Cross Books wants the public to know: "In order to maintain its high standards, CrossBooks performs a theological review on every manuscript submitted to us." HAH.

Cross will give you from 5 to 30 "free" books -- if you spend from $1299 to $16,999.

  • If there is a hell, the people who run these companies should go there.

BUT WAIT. Maybe these folks are not really lying. Maybe they simply don't know what the word "free" means. But, if they're not lying, they're stupid, and a stupid publishing company is as bad a choice as a dishonest one.


  1. That's a lot of money to spend, especially after tithing 10% (or more) to their favorite televangelist.

    On a side note, we have two Catholic Cathedrals on the Vegas Strip, and they both accept casino chips in their collection plates. Es Pravda!

  2. I think they're both stupid and dishonest -- not a good combo.