Monday, September 10, 2012

A terrible cover from the author of a terrible book about publishing

Theresa M. Moore is the author of one of the worst books I've ever read. Sadly, that book advises others about publishing. It is so ugly and so full of errors, that it was featured in this blog's "Bad Book Week."
In a website for writers, Theresa plugged another book she wrote, NAGRASANTI Illustrated Vampire Omnibus. The lifesize preview from is above.

Theresa wants us to know: "I did this [cover] in about two hours with nothing but Photoshop. Yes, I know - red on red. It works. [BULLSHIT. It doesn't work.] This is for an 8.5 x 11 [stupid size for this genre] paperback cover. The back cover is the same value of red with "pale blood" as the lettering color. The book and ebook are available now, along with another book I have been working on. The original cover was a sort of beige with deep red lettering, but the artist's heart in me likes this one. [It's too bad you have no designer's eyes or publisher's brain to go with your artist's heart.]

These are the kinds of decisions which would never have been available to me if I published in the "traditional" manner. Most likely some art director yahoo would decide to use a black and white cover with a splash of read across it or some other humbug. [Maybe the art director would have pointed out that because of insufficient contrast between the text and background, no one can read your weird title!]

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