Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dialog with an anonymous defender of a shitty book

I recently wrote about a newbie author who proclaimed his magnum opus to be "perfect" and a "masterpiece." I pointed out that the book is error-ridden, ugly and overpriced. He said he "did not want to share the credits with a publishing company that did not help in any type manner. I authored, edited, typeset and did the graph design."

I got the following response from someone who lacks the confidence to use her or his real name: 

Oh so that's how you call attention to your blogs [Actually, I call attention to my blogs with links from other blogs and websites.]  and get people to respond by putting down others who have at least TRIED! [Trying is not enough. There is no excuse for publishing ugly garbage. I previously complimented the author of a not-very-good book who did hire an editor and designer. They were not a good editor and designer, but at least the writer knew he needed help. Tyrell Ash bragged about not seeking help, and the poor quality of his book shows he made the wrong decision.]

Go wash your mouth with some lye soap please. [I'm pleased that you said "please." Thank you for being so polite. Please go fuck yourself.] Oh and I am not worried about grammatical errors [Worry is a useless emotion, but you should be concerned.]  Mr. Self Made [I'm not self-made. My parents made me.] Grammatical Error Cop. They may not have all that they need but if you have the answers then show them a better way. [I do that on this blog and in my books.] Why not help those you so blatantly criticize for doing what they can. [I do.]

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Ash's book and it is inspiring and funny, [I thought it was funny, but not the way it was intended to be.] and he does just what his book promotes and that is to not allow naysayers to dictate his destiny. Bravo and hats off to "I Hate It When They Say It Can't Be Done." I hate it too. Everyone deserves a lift and some encouragement [Does that include Atilla the Hun, Torquemada, Hitler, Stalin, Papa Doc, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden?] even you. [Yes, you encouraged me to wash my mouth with lye soap. Thanks.]

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  1. I was glad to see that you said "please" before "go fuck yourself." Michael, you are a true gentleman.