Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anderson Cooper really pisses me off

I have previously bitched about the use of "their" to mean "his or her." I know it has a very long history, but I still think it sounds horrible.

I absolutely hate when this plural word is used to mean something singular, and I refuse to use it that way.

Yesterday Anderson Cooper was widely quoted as saying this: "I've always believed that who a reporter [singular] votes for, what religion they are, [plural] who they [plural] love, should not be something they [plural] have to discuss publicly. As long as a journalist shows fairness and honesty in his [singular] or her [singular] work, their [plural] private life shouldn't matter."


OTOH, I think he's a fine reporter and a brave man. His grammar bothers me much more than who he loves, votes for or prays to.

Update (7/5/12), from a publishing company: "What are the challenges for a self-published author marketing themselves?"


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  2. *walks in sheepishly*

    This is one of the grammatical milestones I carry. I never used to do it at school, but from reviewing many different publishing services, I've still a nasty habit of referring to the company as 'their' this and 'their' that. I think in my mind I'm visualizing the company as a collective of many people doing different tasks. I have to scan everything I write on publishing to 'weed' the rascals out.

    *walks back out sheepishly*