Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Selling Books With Social Networking: #2, LinkedIn

I'm posting a series on using social networking to promote books,
 based on material from my new book,

LinkedIn is a website mostly used for business and professional networking, particularly job seeking and employee seeking. It reportedly has more than 150 million users worldwide. Users upload resumes or profiles to show their work history and professional accomplishments, and list their objectives such as to make deals or get hired.

Writers can post information in their profiles that may help readers decide if their work is worthwhile. If you’ve won a Pulitzer Prize or are a member of a prestigious society, mention it. Your profile may also help you get a writing gig—or help old friends or bill collectors find you. Links may be put on your profile to direct people to your websites, blogs, booksellers, etc. The links may boost your search engine positionand sell some books.

(below) Here’s the profile for writer Ivan Berger, who specializes in electronics, photography and automotive topics. I’ve known Ivan since around 1969. Back then, his business card impressed me. It said, “Ivan Berger, Writer.” I copied that on my card and letterhead.

(below) LinkedIn hosts a huge number of groups dealing with subjects ranging from acne to Zimbabwe where people ask and answer questions. If you’ve written a book, presumably you are an expert on a subject or have had experience that’s relevant to someone else. Find some questions to answer. If you write nonfiction, point out that you’ve written a book on the subject that provides even more information. The “signature” of your message can provide links to your booksellers, website, blogs, Facebook page, etc.

(below) LinkedIn Answers allows people to ask questions to be answered by presumed experts, but doesn’t require selecting a group. Again, when you answer a question, your signature can contain links to promote your writing. If you answer a lot of questions well, you can be branded as an “Expert,” which gives you more visibility.


  1. linkdin is very good social networking site to connect your friend and grow your online business.

  2. Selling eBook with the help of social networking is easy and effective but you still need to create your own page in order to work well.